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About Us

PALT Profile Overview

The Philippine Association for Language Teaching, Inc. (PALT), established in 1960, is the oldest language professional association in the country. Its founding institution and home is the College of Education of the University of the Philippines, the official national university of the country. PALT is registered with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).

To fulfill its mandate to promote excellence in language teaching, research, and extension services, PALT holds a yearly convention to share with teachers theoretically sound and research-based methods and strategies. An important part of the convention are demonstration teaching sessions showcasing innovative activities found effective in the acquisition of language, both English and Filipino. 


With globalization, the reality shaped by an increasingly integrated world economy, new information and communications technology (ICT) and the ubiquitous role of the English language, PALT sought to be part of TESOL and was accepted as its country affiliate. PALT is likewise an active member of the Pan-Asian Consortium of Language Teaching Societies (PAC). With its engagement with these regional and international organizations, PALT sponsors an international conference every two years. PALT therefore brings to teachers in the field not only the language experts of the Philippines but illustrious authors and experts on language teaching from many countries around the world.

Who We Are

The Philippine Association for Language Teaching, Inc. (PALT) is the oldest professional organization of language teachers in the country. It was founded in 1960 by a group of professional language educators headed by Prof. Aurora L. Samonte. Since then the College of Education of the University of the Philippines in Quezon City has been its base.



The association primarily devotes itself to the promotion of excellence in language teaching, language education research, and professional development. It does not only concern itself with the teaching of English but also with the teaching of Filipino, local languages, and for some time, foreign languages such as Spanish.



PALT holds annual conventions on language teaching that showcase the expertise of the members of the national executive board of officers, its members, and invited scholars here and abroad. In 2001, PALT held its first international conference. It also holds midyear seminar workshops. In its effort to establish scholarship in language education, PALT gives financial assistance to its members through its Thesis/Dissertation Awards and the Research Grant.


Current Status

At present, PALT is one of the newest country affiliates of the Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) . PALT was installed as the newest country affiliate of the Pan-Asian Consortium for Language Teaching (PAC) on January 25-27, 2007. PAC members are: English Teachers' Association - Republic Of China, Korea Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Thai Teachers of English to Speakers Of Other Languages, The Far Eastern English Language Teacher' Association of Russia, and The Japan Association for Language Teaching. It also established a stronger linkage with the Malaysian English Language Teaching Association on June 8, 2007


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