60th PALT Anniversary & 2020 PAC (Pan-Asian Consortium) INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE

Call for Papers

Conference Theme:

Language Education for ALL (Asians Learning Languages)

Conference Overview:

Learning another language has personal, professional, and economic benefits. It opens new doors of opportunities and makes us smarter and more confident. Consequently, as the demand for language learning increases, language teaching, and testing needs to evolve. This conference brings together language experts, teachers, assessors, materials developers, policymakers, and researchers to explore current trends in content, mentoring, materials development, pedagogy, assessment, and technology. This conference is also special because of the PAN ASIAN Consortium Meeting. Representatives from its members (JALT, KOTESOL, THaiTESOL, FEELTA, and ETA ROC) will be sharing the stage of language teaching and assessment.


- Classroom Assessment Reform

- Technology-use for teaching, assessment, and research


- Teaching and Assessing English/Filipino/Foreign Languages

- K to 12 curriculum reform

- World Englishes

- Discourse Analysis

- Corpus Linguistics

- Approaches and Methods in English Education

- Bilingual Education

- Culture and Literature in English Education

- Early English Education

- English as an International Language

- English for Academic Purposes

- English for Specific Purposes

- English Language Curriculum and Teaching Materials

- Intercultural Communication

- Language and Peace Education

- Language and Learning Acquisition

- Language Policy

- Language Testing and Evaluation

- Life-long Language Learning

- Distance Language Education

- Multimedia and ICT in English Education

- Professional Standards for Teachers

Call for Papers
     SUBMISSIONS OPEN January 30, 2020
     SUBMISSIONS CLOSE March 30, 2020

SECOND Call for Papers

     SUBMISSIONS OPEN April 1, 2020     

     SUBMISSIONS CLOSE June 30, 2020

We invite researchers, teachers, graduate students, and policymakers to submit abstracts related to the theme.

John Surname1, Esther Surname 2 and Author Three1,* (10 pt. Century)
1 Affiliation (8 pt. Century)
2 Affiliation (8 pt. Century)

*Corresponding Author: email address@dlsu.edu.ph



A brief summary of approximately 250 – 300 words outlining the background, objectives of the study, the methodology used, key results and conclusions. Proposals for workshops or demonstrations should include the rationale or theoretical underpinning of the chosen topic.


Key Words: up to five keywords/terms; separated by semicolons

Titles must not be more than 50 characters including spaces.
Bio notes: 50-75 words

Here is the link of the submission page: https://forms.gle/ikrcbSrsGoo9kfVe7 or you may click the button below