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Can you tell me more about PALT membership?


1. Membership in PALT, Inc. shall be of two categories:

  1. Regular member

  2. Lifetime member

2. Unless renewed all paying types of membership lapse after one year of nonpayment of dues.

3. The Board of Directors shall fix annual dues.


What benefits do I get if I join PALT?


  • Expand your professional network as PALT is the only TESOL-affiliated organization in the Philippines. It is also part of the PAC consortium with members from Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Russia.

  • Grow professionally through our caravans, national, and international conferences.

  • Become a leader and a team player through our affiliates.

  • Find a forum for your research paper through conferences of TESOL, PAC affiliates, and PALT.

  • Get updates about grants and scholarships.

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