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How do I become a REGULAR member of PALT?


Step 1: Eligibility Check


You must be:


  1. One who is involved in teaching or development of language programs as a teacher, policy maker, administrator or supervisor and

  2. One who pays the annual membership dues currently in effect. Regular membership lapses with nonpayment of the year’s annual dues, without prejudice to reinstatement to the same type of membership upon payment of the current annual fee and maintenance of the other conditions of membership.


Step 2: Payment


Please pay the registration fee of Php 500.00 through any PNB Branch:


PNB UP Campus Branch

Acct. Name: Philippine Association for Language Teaching, Inc.

Acct. No.: 108610068664



Step 3: Scanning of documents and emailing


Scan or take a clear picture of the deposit slip/receipt. For those depositing, take note of the transaction reference number of your deposit slip (see sample below). For other modes, have your receipt ready.

Step 4: Membership Application Form (MAF)


It is imperative that you fulfill steps 2 and 3 before proceeding to step 4.


Please fill out the MAF here:



Step 5: Wait for confirmation


Wait for the confirmation e-mail from the PALT Secretariat within 10 working days.


Please take note that in accordance to our PALT By-Laws, the membership will be from the month of May of the current year to May of the following year.

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